Frequently Asked Questions‚Äč

What is a Crawlspace Encapsulation?

A crawlspace encapsulation is the process of properly insulating, air sealing, and preventing all moisture/water related issues. This is typically performed by properly installing a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and sump pump. These will all work together to keep your home protected. 

How much does this process cost?

The purchase of a home is typically the most expensive purchase a person makes in their lifetime, and we continue to strive to provide an economical solution to protect your home and family's health. We plan to work with most budgets, and attempt to provide only the needed services for you and your family. Please contact us for a free estimate today. 

Does it come with a warranty?

All labor and craftsmanship will come with a 15-year warranty, and all products will come with the manufacture warranties as well. This will give you comfort in knowing your crawl will be protected for years to come. 

Why would you want your Crawlspace Encapsulated?

Having your crawlspace encapsulated will allow better air quality within the home, a more energy efficient home, and will aid in preventing potential wood rot/mold related issues. An excellent reference can be viewed below, and answers the topic of vented crawlspaces versus encapsulated crawlspaces.